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  • RT @Arekkz: Going hands on with #HorizonZeroDawn today!! 😍 🎮 https://t.co/CaIZ4YcG1Q 24/Jan/2017 14:17:38
  • Stealth puzzler Kill the Bad Guy is coming to PS4. Create lethal traps in @exkee’s oddball assassination sim:… https://t.co/gQRgR8fgv9 24/Jan/2017 14:02:13
  • Experience the horrors of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, available now on PS4. Watch the brand new trailer here:… https://t.co/xpdLuPguXq 24/Jan/2017 13:32:24
  • Bonanza week for Japanese games: Resident Evil, Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts, Tales, Digimon all return. Full list:… https://t.co/QSKnUFUgTb 24/Jan/2017 12:01:57
  • The brand new glacier white PS4 hits stores today. Find out more: https://t.co/5zF3u0U3HF https://t.co/N42XJUxHpj 24/Jan/2017 10:02:01
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