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  • We all know one - the dedicated gamer. Play them the Total Dedication @spotify playlist via your PS4’s quick menu:… https://t.co/TIVzwblcSD 10/Dec/2016 09:33:00
  • RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Team of the Tournaments - Group Stage is now available, until Dec 16! Details: https://t.co/A654UkiPcQ #FUT #TOTGS https:… 10/Dec/2016 09:12:21
  • Hands-on with 17 very different games from the PlayStation Experience showfloor #PSX16: https://t.co/6DFuHAjZbs https://t.co/OtmNcnOrIt 09/Dec/2016 19:59:03
  • Hardcore sci-fi roguelike first-person shooter Strafe is coming to PS4 next year. Check it out:… https://t.co/PE0zQa8ZJr 09/Dec/2016 19:40:05
  • Our WipEout Antigrav Anthems playlist tracks from and inspired by the futuristic franchise. Listen here:… https://t.co/bcqeDqFoen 09/Dec/2016 18:17:03
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