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  • Looking for some epic collectables, branded clothing or stylish accessories? PlayStation Gear store has you covered… https://t.co/6VTkB7msIf 29/May/2017 15:15:05
  • There's still time to nab Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, our Deal of the Week on PlayStation Store:… https://t.co/bAPW7Xa3uW 29/May/2017 11:33:04
  • Our help team, @AskPS_UK, are here to offer a hand if you come across issues with your console or account. https://t.co/n7UAVO6WnM 29/May/2017 08:04:03
  • We held a little dance party at PS HQ to celebrate the reveal of #wipEoutPS4's soundtrack. Watch here:… https://t.co/rS9L4mL8KH 28/May/2017 16:55:04
  • You've got no coverage on your phone and a huge task in front of you - take down the Eden's Gate cult in #FarCry5:… https://t.co/gJLUBjtxSk 28/May/2017 13:36:06
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