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  • We’ve all the news from PlayStation this week in one handy news-packed wrap: https://t.co/SSTGACeUtd https://t.co/FoRwjf6ImN 22/Oct/2016 18:07:04
  • That smell? Why, that’s the scent of a well prepared, news-filled PlayStation Wrap: https://t.co/p3UFL0z0Wj https://t.co/QcCyx8JBqv 22/Oct/2016 13:01:03
  • Want to try @CallofDuty #InfiniteWarfare? The open beta is available this weekend on PlayStation Store:… https://t.co/It2WzKGEyp 22/Oct/2016 08:13:00
  • RT @yosp: To celebrate going gold, this song from Endigo "Where's The Last Guardian?" | E3 SONG https://t.co/MEg6bjwLiD 22/Oct/2016 07:34:45
  • RT @Neil_Druckmann: Woot. I will not turn down an early copy. Just putting it out there. 😏 https://t.co/Qf6ChVqPQJ 22/Oct/2016 07:34:32
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